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We’ve been paving almost as long as paving has existed.  Our family started our paving business in 1926 so for over 90 years Blake’s Paving has been helping homeowners and businesses with all of their paving needs. It goes to show that we’ve seen and done it all so you’ll have a company that’s got the expertise and expertise and satisfied customers to stay in business this long.


Your driveway is such a big part of your curb appeal.  It’s usually the first place your guests notice when they visit you.  Let Blake’s Paving make sure your driveway is as nice as the rest of your home.

Parking Lots

The parking lot for your business is crucial for the reputation of your business.  Greeting your customers and prospects with an old, cracked and faded parking lot is a sure way to keep folks from visiting.  Let us quote!

Courts, Paths & Other

Blake’s Paving can also help if you need a sports court (basketball court, tennis court, etc) by installing quality asphalt per your specifications.  We also can do paths or private roads so let’s talk about your project!

New Paving

Blake’s Paving is the company to work with your contractor when building your home and need a new driveway.  We can also remove and/or expand your existing driveway and install new asphalt for a great look.

Resurfacing and Repairs

Sometimes is best and cost effective to use the existing paving as a base then put a layer of new asphalt down for the look and functionality of a new driveway.  Let the experts at Blake’s Paving help you explore this option.


To extend the life of your driveway or parking lot, sealcoating and other maintenance services can be extremely beneficial in making sure your driveway lasts as long as it should.  Sealcoating looks great too!

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